Muslim Prayer times in New York

Muslim prayer times in New York


Prayer is an important tool for a Muslim to be forgiven by Allah almighty five times a day. No Muslim wants to miss this chance for presenting himself towards Allah as his best follower. It is obligatory for a Muslim to offer prayer in time because Salah’s one of the main purpose is that it teaches us time management and punctuality. They remain busy day and night and need very precise timing of Salah for accommodating it in the proper time slot. Prayer times in New York are one of the needed aspects for Muslims to know prayer timings. Moreover, we will provide a guide through for Muslims to know mosque locations for better and quick approach relative to their location.

Mosques in New York:

Islamic culture in New York is developed to a great extent which gives rise to the construction of mosques for the Muslim population. Some important mosques in New York are given as:

Name Address
Islamic cultural center in New YorkEast Harlem 3rd Avenue
Masjid HikmahAstoria 31st Avenue
Masjid At takwa1184 Fulton Street
Ahlah bayt MosqueBoerum hill Atlantic Avenue

Prayer times in New York

04Sun04:46 AM05:51 AM12:14 PM03:47 PM06:34 PM07:42 PM
05Mon04:46 AM05:52 AM12:13 PM03:47 PM06:33 PM07:40 PM
06Tue04:47 AM05:53 AM12:13 PM03:46 PM06:32 PM07:39 PM
07Wed04:48 AM05:53 AM12:13 PM03:45 PM06:31 PM07:38 PM
08Thu04:48 AM05:54 AM12:12 PM03:45 PM06:30 PM07:36 PM
09Fri04:49 AM05:54 AM12:12 PM03:44 PM06:28 PM07:35 PM
10Sat04:50 AM05:55 AM12:12 PM03:43 PM06:27 PM07:34 PM
11Sun04:50 AM05:55 AM12:11 PM03:43 PM06:26 PM07:32 PM
12Mon04:51 AM05:56 AM12:11 PM03:42 PM06:25 PM07:31 PM
13Tue04:51 AM05:56 AM12:11 PM03:41 PM06:23 PM07:30 PM
14Wed04:52 AM05:57 AM12:10 PM03:41 PM06:22 PM07:28 PM
15Thu04:53 AM05:57 AM12:10 PM03:40 PM06:21 PM07:27 PM
16Fri04:53 AM05:58 AM12:10 PM03:39 PM06:20 PM07:26 PM
17Sat04:54 AM05:59 AM12:09 PM03:39 PM06:18 PM07:24 PM
18Sun04:55 AM05:59 AM12:09 PM03:38 PM06:17 PM07:23 PM
19Mon04:55 AM06:00 AM12:08 PM03:37 PM06:16 PM07:22 PM
20Tue04:56 AM06:00 AM12:08 PM03:36 PM06:15 PM07:20 PM
21Wed04:56 AM06:01 AM12:08 PM03:36 PM06:13 PM07:19 PM

Above mentioned prayer times in New York are authenticated from best resources and meteorological department statistics. Prayer times in New York are applicable to all the mosques present within the city limits. Time zone changes from one place to another which leads to further changes in these timings. According to source there is 6.6 Million Muslim People lives in New York Which is more than any state of USA Muslim Living.